Little Ray's Exhibitions

Coming in 2025!

We’re releasing brand new outdoor exhibitions featuring world class climbable sculptures with thought provoking, beautiful, educational information panels.


Wonder Doesn’t Stop At Sight!

Our outdoor statue exhibits are an incredible way to add an element of wonder to your outdoor space, but, in most exhibits that wonder stops at the barriers surrounding them. Little Ray’s is all about engagement. We want to make sure the wonder does not stop at that barrier – so we made our outdoor exhibits climbable! Reinforced statues allow children to set their imagination free by allowing them to interact with and touch the statues in our exhibits.

Now Available!

Wildlife Rescue features 12 detailed sculptures showcasing different species of animals that have been pushed to the brink of extinction and have been successfully established in human care to the point they have been reintroduced to their natural ranges.

Launching Spring 2025

New Concept in Development

Tiny Giants is a brand new exhibit theme and will highlight how some of the smallest species of animals in the world survive in their space and how they are truly titans to other animals in their ecosystem. It will feature 12 blown up sculptures of these tiny giants done with amazing detail and include some sculptures to highlight the actual size differences between the smallest and largest members of their families. 

Meet the Sculptor “Benji Paysnoe”

Benji Paysnoe is a Sculptor and Gallery Designer who focuses on translating scientific knowledge into exciting works of art. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, he got his education in Biological Sciences. Benji chose to explore the rigors of academia through a creative lens, applying his passion for the natural world into his art. With models featured in collections and media across the U.S., Benji was awarded the 2022 Lanzendorf – National Geographic Paleoart Prize for Sculpture. 

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