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Evolution down the path less travelled

Most people know why it is good to be bigger, stronger, faster. But evolving to be slower as a mechanism for survival? This is counter intuitive to what many people think would be an advantage. Many animals have evolved to slow down as part of their survival strategy and Survival of the Slowest encourages visitors to slow down and consider some of the advantages of being slow and some of the disadvantages of being fast. Crawling into a museum near you. 


  • Kings of Speed
  • Energy
  • Fitness, Survival & Adaptation
  • Cold Blooded vs Warm Blooded
  • The Slowest
  • Bigger is Not Always Better


  • Two versions 2,000 – 5,000 sq.ft. and 5,000 – 10,000 sq.ft. 
  • Live animals 
  • Fully Accredited 
  • Daily impromptu one-on-one interactive experiences throughout the day 
  • Daily scheduled formal presentations 
  • Fully staffed throughout each day with experienced educators 
  • Multilingual content 
  • Tactile and technology based interactive 
  • Fully turn-key each and every day 

Little Ray’s has been great in working with us to provide the best exhibit possible while keeping the safety of our visitors and staff in mind. We appreciate how adaptable Little Ray’s staff has been at trying different strategies to find what works best in our space, and visitors have been thrilled with the engaging content and animal experiences.”

Julie Waters

Exhibit Coordinator, Florida Museum Of Natural History

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