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Wild World tells the stories of real animals and the people who have dedicated their lives to helping them survive.

Wildlife populations around the world are under enormous stress due to pollution, deforestation and habitat encroachment. Many species are becoming endangered while others are on the brink of extinction. Learn about amazing conservation success stories happening around the world and see why there is Hope on the Horizon.


  • Stories of species recovery around the world
  • Great Lakes sturgeon
  • Panamanian golden frog
  • American burying beetle
  • California condor
  • Grip strength
  • Animal facial recognition
  • Flying with whooping cranes
  • Turtle crawl
  • Biodiversity puzzle
  • Emergency response centre
  • Oil spills and wildlife
  • Turtle rehabilitation
  • What can I do?


  • Real-life success stories from conservation organizations
  • 8-20 live animals, many from key international conservation programs
  • 15+ wildly interactive science-based experiences for each version
  • Multimedia theatre
  • Multimedia challenges
  • Educational curriculum K-8
  • Multilingual content
  • Accredited by the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  • On-site full-tie educators
  • One-on-one and group presentations

“The exhibit is fun and engaging. Our visitors love the live animal presentations. The LRNC team is great in working with us to make sure that the presentations are safe and follow all COVID protocols.”

Denise Su

Chief Academic Engagement Officer, Cleveland Museum of Natural History

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