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Monsters Of The Abyss

Past and present collide in this one of a kind blockbuster exhibit! Explore the biggest, most famous and feared aquatic predators through time.

Monsters of the Abyss allow visitors to dive into the history of amazing prehistoric and modern day aquatic predators and learn about their ecology and why they were so feared. Highlighted  by amazing fossils, incredible staff, and some unbelievable live animals from modern day along with daily educational programming. Learn about extinction level events, dig for fossils, and see the monsters in your own oceans, rivers and lakes that are still around today!


  • 9 live animal habitats
  • On-site full-time educators providing one-on-one and group presentations
  • Educational curriculum K-8
  • Hands-on and digital interactives
  • Life-sized animal sculptures
  • Full size replica skeletons
  • Megolodon jaw photo op
  • Real fossil invertebrates
  • Member of Canadian Accredited Zoos and Aquariums


  • 7,500 sq.ft. – 10,000 sq.ft. 
  • Available as a condensed 5,000 sq.ft. exhibit


  • 3 months, 6 months or longer

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