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Step Into The Rainforest

This immersive exhibit will introduce visitors to the world of the rainforest and the fascinating animals that call these gigantic diverse ecosystems home. Learn about rainforest ecology, their importance to the planet, rainforest conservation and meet some of the coolest animals that live in the rainforest. 


  • What is a Rainforest
  • Biodiversity
  • Deforestation
  • Is there a Rainforest in Canada?
  • Earth’s Lungs
  • Why are Rainforests Important?
  • What Can You do to Help?
  • Go Canada
  • Can Rainforests Grow Back?


  • Two versions 5000 sq.ft. and 2000 sq.ft. 
  • 10-15 exotic live animals
  • Fully Accredited 
  • Daily impromptu one-on-one interactive experiences throughout the day 
  • Daily scheduled formal presentations 
  • Fully staffed throughout each day with experienced educators 
  • Multilingual content 
  • Tactile and technology based interactive 
  • Fully turn-key each and every day 

“My wife and I went through the exhibit this afternoon. I have been very afraid of spiders my entire life. While looking at a spider exhibit and fearfully looking, an incredibly kind and gracious women asked if we would like to see the tarantulas up close. We said no immediately, but after a few seconds, I said yes, only if she held my hand. Due to the kindness of that woman, I am no longer fearful of spiders and now want one as a pet.”

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